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Addlestone Methodist Church – Short History

In 1999 the Church celebrated the centenary of the building of the present building and published a history of the Church from the beginning of Methodism in the town. This Short History has been gleaned from the booklet produced on this occasion.

The present Church building was opened on Thursday 9th March 1899 by Rev C H Keely, an ex-President of the then Wesleyan Methodist Church, at its present site in Station Road, Addlestone. This building replaced one built in 1885 in Simplemarsh Road. The original Church was established with the strong support of the Pocock family who were active members of the Methodist Church in Walton-on-Thames. In due course the membership grew and Services were held for a time in the Village Hall in Station Road, next to the plot of land on which the present Church was built. The cost of the new Church was around £2,500, (a huge amount in those days!) and the pews could seat up to 300. At this time the Circuit name was the Chertsey and Walton-on-Thames Methodist Circuit.

By 1906 the Sunday School needed larger accommodation and so a corrugated iron building was erected which remained in use as the Church Hall until 1982. In the early 1970s it was decided to convert the Church building for multi-purpose use and the 'sanctuary' area was remodelled by removing the pipe organ, which was replaced by an electronic one, and the pulpit and Communion facilities redesigned. Also, a full height partition was erected to create space at the road end of the building for a kitchen and toilet facilities and two meeting rooms, one in the area where the gallery was. The pews were also replaced by chairs.

In 1932 the three branches of Methodism in this country (Wesleyan, Primitive and United) joined together to form the Methodist Church of Great Britain. In 1936 the Circuit was reorganised as the Walton-on-Thames Circuit. In more recent years further reorganisation was carried out and the Circuit became the Woking and Walton-on-Thames Circuit. However, in September 2016, this Circuit and the adjoining Guildford Circuit decided to join together to form the Wey Valley Circuit, the now current name.

Our Mission in 2016

To Worship God, to witness to the love of God and help people experience that love in their lives. To develop our faith, encourage each other, proclaim the gospel of Christ and to follow His teaching. To reach out to those in need in the community, and to provide support to those in many parts of the world suffering persecution, danger, sickness and starvation. In particular, in a world that is changing so rapidly, to find new ways to present Jesus Christ to today's society.

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